Metrc Training & Cleanup

Metrc is without a doubt the most important component of your cannabis business. Save money by avoiding problems and let us help you learn everything you need to begin your marijuana startup.

Full Dispensary Setup

With over 24 years of experience with residential and commercial design and construction, you can feel secure knowing that you have a professional team supporting you with your new dispensary.

Increase Sales & ROI

Customers are always actively searching for a marijuana dispensary using the web. That is why it is crucial to have a digital marketing strategy using search engine optimization. Learn how we can double your sales with online marketing.

POS System Integration

Most industry standard point of sale systems do not support the needs of a marijuana dispensary. Avoid the challenges commonly associated with integrating POS systems to Metric.

MJ Business Consulting – Cannabis Professionals

Leading Specialists in Marijuana Grow & Dispensary Setup

We are a team of dedicated and experienced Cannabis industry professionals. Every one of us is passionate about the medicinal and recreational value of marijuana, and the industry that supports its legal use. We are in the infancy of the legal marijuana industry, and everyone on our staff is committed to teaching people the correct and legal way to start their new business or improve their existing business.

We have all learned this from the ground up working in the trenches as budtenders, growers, Metrc experts, back office staff, marketing and SEO, sales, product vendors, construction, security, compliance, and responsibilities as owners of grows and dispensaries.

Through hard work and education, we’ve developed the best systems to keep your Cannabis business running smoothly, efficiently, and in compliance with state laws. We’ve all had our challenges in this emerging business, and through those trials, we’ve learned how to create and implement strategies that simply work.

Call Us at (970) 880-0899 or take a look at our professional marijuana solutions below.

Start Your Cannabis Business with the Correct Methods

Our team has all owned or worked in marijuana businesses. We’ve learned what it takes to excel in this industry while following regulations. When developing this consultation business we all kept saying we wished someone like us was there for us in the beginning.

We’d have saved many thousands of dollars, and many hundreds of man-hours, not to mention countless sleepless nights. Because of our experience, we can set your business on the right track with proven strategies, standard operating procedures, and proven methods to make your marijuana business run smoothly and efficiently.

These strategies can take years of extremely hard work to develop. We can give your business all the advantages and procedures you need right now to start a well run and successful shop in just a few days.

Get Started in the Marijuana Industry Stress-Free with MJ Business Consulting

Because of the challenges we’ve all had our goal is to make your life easier and less stressful so you can focus on the big picture. In only a few days we can teach you and your staff everything you need to know to be successful and profitable while making sure you fulfill all your legal obligations.

We basically create a fully functional, and we’ll run business in a few days where others will take months or years to learn the laws, and create a system the hard way losing time and money.

Please call us right now because we are here for you and ready to help in every aspect of your business. You can reach us at (970) 880-0899.