Meet Your Team of Marijuana Business Professionals

Patrick Dalton

Pat Dalton currently owns two Colorado-based cannabis businesses. He was a general contractor before entering the marijuana business. He was educated in biology and horticulture, and his passion for plants and the medicinal value of marijuana drove him into the Cannabis industry.

He’s a family man who waited for marijuana to become legal so he could follow his passion for growing and selling lab tested legal marijuana. Learning that every marijuana business including his own had challenges learning the industry in the first year or two, he decided to assemble a team of intelligent educated professionals who truly care about the industry to help marijuana startups, and consult existing business with his proven methods of running what he calls a clean shop.

A clean shop, as he explains, is a grow, MIP, extraction facility, or dispensary that operates smoothly within the confines of the state laws. He’s developed methods and procedures that streamline every aspect of the business making it run perfectly and profitably.

Because of his personal and proven businesses, and the backbreaking work it took to get them there, his new focus is to help others avoid the hard work and expense it takes to make cannabis business function at a high level. “I like puzzles.” he says. He believes once you get all the pieces in place you see the complete image. Startups, and some existing businesses, don’t know what those pieces are. Most new businesses don’t even know those pieces exist. Dalton would like to show you those pieces of your business and show you how they can help you succeed. Once you understand what they are then we put them together in a logical order, and your business becomes successful instantly.

Diane Dalton

Diane has been an educated business professional for many years. Her knowledge of computers, accounting, government agencies, cannabis laws, applicable taxes, banking, managing, ordering, and following budgets is extensive. She has a business degree and has done metric setup and complete metric cleanup as well.

Her years of experience as an executive have given her the knowledge to set up any marijuana back office, and train your staff how to account for every dollar earned. She’s worked closely with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division on licensing, regulation, compliance, and most importantly, Metric.

Her experience with point of sale and making sure Metric uploads are correct are invaluable to your business. She’s well versed in making sure inventory matches Metric, and how to adjust to stay legal and compliant. We all think our businesses need to focus on customers and quality products.

Diane believes we should focus on making sure our back office is in perfect shape every day to ensure we even have a business. Rules and regulations can be extremely difficult to understand and follow. She knows them and can teach them to your staff in only a few days. She thinks your sales floor are the hands that create profit, the back office is the brain of your business that controls everything.

Josh Potter

19 Years design and advertising experience with a definitive focus on graphic, web, and user interface design.

Worked as the creative lead on projects from selling to inception and completion. Adept at multiple applications.

A driven problem solver offering 360 thinking to design and technical opportunities for clients.

Team player and able to foster creative growth by employing strategies with teams to meet clients’ needs.

The online presence of your cannabis business is crucial to growth and success. Not only do customers need to make sure they find you easily, but you should have a strong position compared to your competition. When a customer searches for a marijuana dispensary in your area, is your business the first to show up?

Nick Caldrone

Nick has been the general manager of a dispensary. His detailed thought process is invaluable when it comes to Metric setup and more importantly, Metric cleanup. He has an innate ability to think his way through a cleanup process, to investigate sales, internal documents, and cross-check them with Metric to prove your packages are accounted for so you can run a clean Metric.

He’s created packaging SOP’S that will ensure your process is compliant, and every hundredth of a gram is accounted for. He’s a very detailed manager who’s also created SOP’S for budtenders, labeling, point of sale, ordering, inventory, and every aspect of running a great business. His calm and confident attitude makes him relatable and people like learning from him.

He’s well versed with laws and knows compliance to keep your shop legal and easy to run. He’ll show your staff sales techniques that will have your customers coming back and staying happy. The counter is where everything happens for a customer. It has to be run well to keep customers coming back.

Rocky Gonzales

Rocky has a horticulture degree with an emphasis on growing marijuana. His years of experience will prove to be that extra something that puts you ahead of your competition. He’s constantly experimenting, and learning new techniques in soils, nutrients, organic farming, higher yields, curing, and environmental conditioning.

He is the most passionate and cutting-edge grower you’ll ever find. He can work with you setting up an effective and efficient grow honoring your ideas, and adding his knowledge and experience. He can also consult and support your existing grow by showing you how to get higher yields and heartier cannabinoid levels.

His cutting edge curing process will set your product apart from every other grower, and make your plants more valuable and desirable on the wholesale market as well as the end user.