Standard Operating Procedures for the Back Office

It sometimes takes new marijuana business a few years to develop SOP’s that keep things running correctly and within the law. We have developed methods to ensure precision in every part of your business, and we can share these with you and train your staff to follow them.

Checking ID’s, packaging, labeling, entering products in the POS system, closing procedures, budtending procedures, uploading procedures, bookkeeping, inventory, ordering, budgeting, and Metrc all require SOP’s to run smoothly. Our procedures are proven and help you stay compliant.

Over the years we have continuously found new ways of doing tasks, and editing our SOP’s to reflect these changes. Why waste time and man-hours on creating procedures when you can get them from us? We simplify everything in an easily understood and easy to follow SOP that will save your marijuana business time and money.

Even if you are an existing business, I believe our SOP’s will greatly improve productivity, and keep you compliant. Post these as checklists to make sure every task is complete. If each employee follows these SOP’s, and signs off on them daily, they will have more time to focus on selling more product and making your business more efficient. It will also cut down on training time for new employees. These easy to follow SOP’s can help new employees integrate seamlessly into your business, which will require much less time training.