Complete Cannabis Dispensary Setup


Opening a dispensary is extremely difficult, and we can help. We have over 24 years experience in residential and commercial design and construction. The first part of this process is creating a space that is not only beautiful and inviting, but it’s also functional and ergonomic.

Traffic flow, customer privacy, and product display should be the most important part of the design phase. Making the space function within the laws of your state should also be taken into consideration. Safe rooms, packing rooms, back offices, and sales floor have to function in a way that keeps your business flowing efficiently.

Point of sale, security cameras, computers, sound systems, and back office computers need to be carefully thought out. When all these parts are done you’ll need to know what products are profitable and sell consistently. You’ll need to know vendors, and have contacts in the industry. You’ll need to know price points and how to calculate profitability and sales taxes. You’ll need to train staff for compliance and sales. If this sounds like a huge amount of work you are right.

We’ve done it all, and can make your business an instant success. Let us take on the hard parts while you focus on what you do best. We have years of experience that will save you time and money. Why spend months figuring out every detail of your new business when we can do it for you in a few short days.