Metrc training and cleanup


The most important part of your business is Metrc, and we know it better than anyone. Most new marijuana businesses don’t have any idea how to connect it to the point of sale, make sure nightly uploads are done correctly, make sure your inventory is reconciled, make sure the CSV file is fully uploaded, and the whole host of other Metrc issues.

These key factors in your business are extremely difficult to learn, and sometimes impossible to understand. Some business can have thousands of open packages and adjustment needing to be made without ever knowing. Point of sale systems can have trouble connecting to Metrc and cause it to be off without ever knowing it. The only way some marijuana businesses find out they aren’t compliant is when they get a visit from the MED. When they find out their Metrc is off they have no idea how to fix it. They can spend tens of thousands of dollars, and eight months figuring out how to fix it.

We have an amazing system in place that can teach you how to investigate your Metrc, find proof of lost packages, reconcile packages, and finally close them in a way that is compliant. You’ll save tens of thousands of dollars and have the skills to keep your Metrc perfect. We have people that can walk you through this process, and offer support until it’s finished. We can train your whole staff, and keep you functioning properly. If you’re a new business we have a foolproof system that will keep your Metrc perfect from the beginning. We will set the system up, train your employees, educate you on the laws, and make sure you never have a problem in the future.

This system shows you how to create CSV files, check that they were all accepted by Metrc, make sure inventory matches Metrc, make sure packages are closed properly, and keep you from having positive or negative packages that you aren’t aware of. This is a very confusing process, and our system makes it easy and accurate. If you’re starting anew marijuana business this is the most valuable thing you’ll do for yourself.