Point of Sale Integration and Setup

Your POS system should do many things. The problem with most industry standard systems is they do a lot of things you don’t need, and they don’t do a good job doing the things you do need. They all have challenges despite what their salespeople say. They are all limited in how they upload to Metrc, and that can cause Metrc issues every day.

We found a system that is extremely fast at the counter, requires very little training to use, is highly rated, and most importantly connects to Metrc in a way that you can make sure your sales are reconciled every day as required by Metrc and the MED. We’ve used systems that don’t report for hours. We’ve seen people smuggle with not knowing if their uploads were accepted by Metrc in whole or part at the end of the day, make mistakes that take hours to fix, and constantly have glitches and shutdowns during business.

Our system has been incredibly stable and has never shut down. We’ve never experienced a glitch, Makes reconciliation perfect every time, and is easy to operate. This system requires a very short learning curve and will make sure you stay compliant.